Welcome to the Tutorial!

The Tutorial examines the basic concepts and terminology of T-FLEX CAD, provides the basics of creating drawings and models, both of individual parts and assembly structures.

T-FLEX CAD settings and interface

Main Window Interface

Video shows T-FLEX CAD interface.

Main Window Navigation

Video shows navigation in main window of T-FLEX CAD.

Main Window Control

Video shows operating with different windows in T-FLEX CAD.

System Customization

Video shows how to operate with T-FLEX CAD Settings.

3D Model and Drawing Parameters

Video shows customization of 3D model and drawing parameters.


Flange 3D Model Creating

Video shows 3D model design in T-FLEX CAD 17.
Operation: rotation, primitive (prizma, cone), boolean (intersection, addition), extrusion with addition, blending (fillet), hole, array, threaded hole, material application.